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London is the world’s leading financial and global center, therefore, we will be bringing you the Cryptocurrency, ICO, and Blockchain speakers from around the globe.

You will gain insight on the vast majority of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many more, how ICOs are becoming the hot and new ways of raising funds for cryptocurrencies and entry in a global ledger, the blockchain.

DMFX Financials is launching a series of cryptocurrency conferences, to help you understand the world of trading, digital currencies, the latest ICOs and the whole “CRYPTO CRAZE” so that you stay up to date





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Our conferences will

  • Make you understand the blockchain hype cycle and why you should not ignore it -While a blockchain is a continuous growing list of records, called blocks, its concepts have been given so much attention, hence used on day to day basis. Their perpetual growth will pave way for sudden and striking changes, entirely altering economic systems, institutions and the organization of different societies in existence.
  • Know the latest blockchain innovations – With the emerging trends on the blockchain, they are considered an incredibly disruptive, entity.Blockchain has the potential to transform industry operating models such as banking, streaming music, Government programmes, regulatory and licensing bodies.As an investor or consumer, it’s advisable to stay current with the various innovations.
  • Learn how to confidently, maneuver the ICO market – Many tokens are becoming successful ICOs because of their mission that captivates the audience.Familiarizing yourself with the existing cryptocurrencies and the new ones will allow you to make sound judgment in the crypto world.
  • The Impacts of regulators, Auditors and other legal experts in the crypto world – While some countries/unions are welcoming the cryptocurrency, others are extremely cautious.The clear risks for consumers and investors associated with price volatility comprise market manipulation, total loss of investment and operational and security failures. Different locations have set rules and regulations to govern the cryptocurrency market to minimize the risks.
  • Know how to invest wisely, and keep cryptocurrencies safe – Different cryptocurrencies have different wallets. The cost, mobility, security, convenience, and user-friendliness are the main considerations for cryptocurrency safety.




Get your biggest questions about cryptocurrencies, Trading, ICO’s and Blockchain answered by experts.



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