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About Us


DMFX Financials is a financial events company which helps investors of all backgrounds with becoming more familiar with the cryptocurrency market trading, learning how to profit from it with ongoing conferences, workshops, tutorials and more.

Our goal is to teach our conference attendees the main topics of trading, ICOs, and Blockchains to achieve better results as well as learn to trade whether they have a part-time interest or do it for a living.

The events help you understand the blockchain cycle and why you should not ignore it, know the latest blockchain innovations and the trading platforms. Learn how to confidently, navigate the ICO market and how to invest wisely.

Our conference events cover the latest opportunities in cryptocurrency trading and proven strategies, including leveraging, risk minimization and more.

Please check our website for the latest information about our upcoming cryptocurrency conferences, Presentation details and event agendas, event registration information, or to contact us with any questions or comments.

a speaker speaks about forex market and teach how to trade and educate people from all over the world